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Jolly Old St. Nicholas

on December 6, 2011

Being a mom this time of year is giving me new insight into the reason why St. Nicholas was so jolly.

It must be the JOY of giving to little ones…

nothing much: just a few pieces of candy I happened to have on hand in the pantry when I received my mother’s text message that night reminding me of a beloved patron’s feast the next day and a favorite childhood tradition of leaving shoes by the door for him to fill with treats.

I couldn’t let the Feast of St. NIcholas pass without entering into the celebration at our house this year so I asked Jack to put one of his shoes and one of Gabriel’s (who was already fast asleep) by the door. (Notice he picked a huge rain boot as his shoe.  It didn’t result in any more candy than his baby brother got in his oh-so-tiny shoe but you can’t blame the kid for trying.)

He also insisted on shoes being left for mommy and daddy, which he selected all by himself from our closet.

I have to say that the addition of one of my high heels to the line up makes me smile.

After setting out our shoes, removing one more link from the Christmas countdown paper chain, and opening another door of the Avent calendar for the piece of chocolate inside, we read a children’s book about the story of St. Nicholas and Jack surely drifted off to sweet dreams of secret gifts being dropped into stockings in the night.

It took a few minutes to remember what day it was when he woke up but when he did there was no holding him back.

He sprinted to the landing to see if St. Nicholas had come and jumped up and down in sheer delight at the sight of a candy in our shoes for a solid two minutes before I thought to hit record on my camera…

And then of course there is Gabriel.  He was loving chewing on his pez still in the wrapper and dissolved into tears when I took took them away just long enough to open them for him.  sweet boy.  I know those cheeks are a dead give away but this is one baby boy who loves his sweet treats.

If today was any indication of things to come, Christmas morning is going to be a lot of fun at our house this year.



2 Responses to “Jolly Old St. Nicholas”

  1. Lisa says:

    Oh boy how I just LOVE your boys! So so sweet. :) We never did this in our family, but it looks really fun. And of course Jack would pick such a cute shoe for you!!

  2. Alison says:

    Thanks Lisa :) It is such a fun tradition. I’m always up for a reason to celebrate. Gotta love being catholic right? I mean you could pretty much celebrate every day if you wanted with all the feast days out there. I can’t wait to have girls to celebrate St. Lucy’s day too, getting up early to make the family cinnamon rolls by candlelight … such fun.

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