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Peppermint Sticks Fix

on December 1, 2011

I posted a few weeks ago about my Christmas card dilemma, ouch.

I thought I should also share that I found a solution, one better than any of my initial thoughts on the matter.

Here is the original again…

I was shopping in Target when I stumbled across these peppermint stick bordered address labels.  I thought I might be able to cut them down to the right size to just cover the “& Baby Oertle” and leave the rest of the card in tact.

Although it wasn’t the card I had intended or hoped to send, I think it made the best of a difficult situation.  Anticipating that it might be hard on my heart, I made myself a steaming mug of hot chocolate, lit a holiday scented candle on the table, played Michael Buble’s new Christmas album on Spotify, and sat down with the stack of Shutterfly cards, labels and some scissors.

Not a bad way to spend an afternoon and sure enough, it worked like a charm.

Here is my finished product.  I added a sticker to the upper lefthand corner too to make it seem more intentional and less like a cover up.  In my opinion, it’s not a bad design element.  Other than the fact that our last name is missing, I don’t think anyone would even know the difference.

Mission accomplished.




3 Responses to “Peppermint Sticks Fix”

  1. Candyce says:

    Very very cute Alison!!!

  2. Lisa says:

    I never even noticed! I did think the little stickers were cute :)

  3. Catie Hb says:

    Oh Ali, what a great idea!! I had no idea that there had been purposeful altering when I received the card! I just thought you did a lovely, crafty job. You’re a gem, Ali!

    Love and prayers to you!

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