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The Big One

on November 11, 2011

It’s 11-11-11 and Gabriel is celebrating the Big One!

Although his party is planned for Thanksgiving weekend when not one but two sets of grandparents will be in town to join in the festivities, we couldn’t possibly let this day go by without some degree of ceremony.

Cupcakes were in order.

I initially planned to bake them myself but then I had a moment of clarity and remembered that one of our favorite spots, Liberty Market, not only has some of the most divine cupcake delicacies you have ever tasted but that they also offer a $10 credit to their restaurant on birthdays.

Need I say more?

I grabbed a candle and lighter, stretched the 12 month onsie that reads “My First Birthday” over Gabriel’s much larger than size 12m frame and somehow managed to snap it shut too, and loaded the family into the van.

Two pumpkin cupcakes with melt in your mouth maple icing sprinkled with brown sugar later and not a penny my wallet did leave.














We managed to keep him at bay just long enough to light the candle and sing happy birthday to the boy of the day…














“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Gabriel, happy birthday to you!”

And then, he was literally up out of his seat and we let him have at it…

















































Just as happy as if I had made them myself and I must say that I was much happier.



























When I saw the carnage of smashed cupcake and smeared icing all over the table, floor and high chair, I thought it would be common courtesy to at least take a wet wipe to the surrounding area for a little damage control.

I was promptly stopped by a server who reassured me to leave it, that’s what he got paid for.  Service with a smile and the cashier saying “it’s on us today” , I was almost tempted to let them know Gabriel had a stinky diaper and would have half expected them to take care of that for us too.














Although I am cooking up loads of fun surprises to celebrate one year of Gabriel with family and friends at his party in a few weeks, this was not a bad way to commemorate the day I held him in my arms for the first time.

I love you baby boy.  You are my prize and joy.


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