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Serious Moves

on November 6, 2011

This weekend was the first wedding and reception that we have taken either of the boys to since they were small enough to be worn in a sling.

They both had a blast!  (can you tell?)

We all did…(this picture was taken from Jack’s perspective)

Although we didn’t manage to get any pictures of the happy couple (Johnny’s cousin David and his lovely bride Lindsay), we did get some of other extended family…

Here we are with the parents of the groom, Johnny’s Aunt Beth and Uncle Jerry.

and Jack with Johnny’s cousins, Jenna and Chelsea…

and lots of the boys thoroughly enjoying themselves…

There’s that tongue again!

Jack loved getting dressed up like daddy in his little pinstriped dress pants, vest and tie. Both boys went crazy for the appetizer bar and stuffed themselves on crackers, cheese and fruit to their hearts’ content.  They were enthralled with the wedding party’s grand entrance and clapped for everyone as they arrived…

Gabriel is in Aunt Mary’s arms where he spend most of the evening.  She walked with him, showed him the lights and rubbed his feet.  Anytime she would stop, he would put her hands back on his toes again.  Smart kid.

And then there was cake to be tasted…two thumbs up!

Jack was smooth as ever going up to the bride and telling her how pretty she looked in her beautiful dress, toasting with sparkling cider and of course busting a move on the dance floor…

When I told Jack that he had some cool moves, he told me that he did cool moves all the time but when the camera man came over to him then he did some “serious” moves!

Alright then, I don’t think there is any denying that!

Thankfully, they will have lots of opportunities to enjoy all that they loved about being a part of wedding festivities again soon.  We have two big weddings to look forward to this summer.  Aunt Mandy will be getting married to Matt in June and Uncle Danny and Katie will be getting married in July.

It is going to be a great summer full of serious moves.

David and Lindsay, we wish you both a long life of happiness together.  Thank you for including us in your big day.


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