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on October 26, 2011

The appearance of a beautiful bright orange Shutterfly package on my doorstep usually results in squeals of delight and the tearing of packaging to see the finished product of my latest online creation…


Not this time.

I just groaned knowing what was inside wondering

“Why oh why did I have to be so on top of things and order Christmas cards in October”?!

It was that darn sale that was just too good to miss and the fact that we already had usable family photos ready to go and that I was just about ready to burst with the secret that we were expecting.


Here it is … our family Christmas card.

Lovely, isn’t it?



Not quite sure what I am going to do with these now.


I figure that I have a couple of options…

  • Throw them away and forget about Christmas cards this year.  (This isn’t really an option because I can’t bring myself to waste like that).
  • Write a letter to the nice people at Shutterfly and hope I get someone compassionate enough to reprint them with a different message.  (It’s not their fault.  They printed my order perfectly.)
  • Send them as they are but include a note in the envelope in memory of “Baby Oertle” / Veronica.  (I fear that people will see the card first and think that I am pregnant again and get excited and, well, that wouldn’t be good.)
  • Do some cutting and pasting of the pictures onto cardstock with a different, handwritten message.  (This may be my best option; however, it is a lot of extra work and  quite literally cutting the memory of our baby out of 50 Christmas cards could be a very emotionally difficult project.  Not quite sure if I am up for that.)
Any thoughts?  I am open to suggestions.



“Remembering it over and over again, my soul is downcast within me…” – Lamentations 3:20

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