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An Announcement

on April 1, 2012


Since even I can’t stand the suspense any longer,

I think a certain announcement has been coming for some time now…

I’m sure you all had a pretty good idea where things were going for awhile now but it’s a joy to share that the adoption process is formally underway to welcome this sweet baby GIRL into our hearts and home this summer!

(birth certificates, social security cards, our marriage certificate, financial statements, background checks, employment verification, and more have been submitted; the first of four home studies with a social worker was completed as of Friday making this the first holy week in my history as an RCIA director that I have a clean house :), doctors appointments and ultrasounds have been attended.  We are well on our way).

The Lord has continued to move in so many ways since the day my friend and I had the conversation I last wrote about and although I would love to share every quote, scripture verse and song that has continued to convict our hearts along the way, our assurance that this is the journey God would have us walk along, those stories will be told in time.

For now, thank you for all of your love and support.  We are so grateful for your prayers for “Baby Girl”, her parents, and our family as we prepare for such a sweet arrival.

God is good!

-Alison (and family)

3 Responses to “An Announcement”

  1. BEAUTIFUL. I just read your series and am speechless. :*-) God is so incredibly good and faithful and this story is just…

    Beautiful. So thrilled for your family.

    I love that quote you listed from Archbishop Chaput. I have loved speaking to families recently that were specifically open to adopting special needs children. As we have been processing what it means to unexpectedly have a special needs child…I love that hearts are so open to welcome a child with challenges without question.

    I suppose this is what your mom meant when she texted me about a special God story recently. I need to call her. :) Prayers for your family, this amazing sacrificial woman and especially this beautiful little girl in her womb and your heart.

  2. Courtney says:


    I’m in tears! Thank you for sharing…so beautiful! I will be praying for you… Who would have thought from Belize, to our 8 day retreats and now this! Love you!

  3. Wow.

    What more can I say? He has been moving and active and preparing and redeeming all along…of course, He was.


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