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A little bit country

on April 22, 2012

Since I have many a back post yet to write and don’t seem to have the energy for anything too deep or meaningful tonight, I thought it might be nice to have a little change of pace around here …


Can I just say how much I LOVE Arizona springtime?

I don’t know if it is the ball games, absolutely gorgeous weather, the transition to flip flops and tee-shirts, long mornings at the park, rigging up the sprinkler and jumping on the trampoline with the boys, picking up stacks of books at the library in anticipation of summer reading, making lemonade and switching from hot coffee to iced, or maybe a combination of all of the above that brings out the kid in me and makes me feel downright giddy…

which may have something to do with the uncontrollable urge that seems to come over me when Arizona springtime takes over to crank the country radio station full blast and belt my love of “cold beer on a friday night and a pair of jeans that fits just right” out the open windows (and so I do).  Ha!


I seem to be fully embracing my inner country lately (which I’m totally fine with) but the thought has crossed my mind more than once that…


You might be a redneck

if when you get to the Cubs spring training game and realize that your 16 month old completely soaked his outfit on the drive over and you forgot to pack a single spare article of clothing, you strip him down to his diaper and carry him in all his hill billy glory what must be a mile to the stadium from your distant parking spot with cars beeping and waving all the way.  awesome.

We had no choice but to stop at one of the overpriced souvenir stands and outfit him from head to toe in baseball gear; Come to think of it, not a bad strategy on Gabriel’s part.

Although it was already Jack’s second spring training game of the season,  it was Gabriel’s first baseball game ever which helped to justify the splurge.

Gabriel loved every second of the whole experience and would clap, cheer and fist pump right along with the all of the shirtless fans getting thoroughly burned on the lawn.  He actually would have fit right in if we had skipped the ensemble.  go figure.

I think we have a fan on our hands…





You might be a redneck

if the kids really want to go to the splash pad but you have a better idea…

so you run by Walmart to buy the most powerful sprinkler you can find

and rig it up under your trampoline in the backyard so it shoots straight through the mat

…resulting in the best afternoon ever for your three year old

and making you the coolest mom in town (of the moment anyway).

I may not own a pair of cowboy boots

but I do have small town roots

and I am PROUD of it!





4 Responses to “A little bit country”

  1. Lisa says:

    I can’t even stand how cute your boys are, and how ADORABLE Jack is in that last picture, soaking wet, probably a little cold, but still ready to give a thumbs up for the fun time :) Great post, Ali!!

  2. Adam says:

    Looks like the boys are having a ton of fun!

  3. Laura Robezzoli says:

    I’m sure Dante would love to jump through the water with Jack!!! Great idea, Alison! :)

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