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Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today.

Ready to Run

on January 11, 2012

Well dear friends, I am finally taking the plunge and putting it out there… my heart revealed for the world to see.

My post, The Joys of Boys, is being featured over at “We are Grafted In” today.

Along with that, I have at long last shared the existence of this blog with the facebook world.

It’s funny, Let Us Begin, came into existence back in July to testify to the way God rocked my world over Memorial Day weekend.

Little did I know the seemingly insignificant choice of a book selected at random from my library shelf would change everything.

My status update read,

“I just finished reading The Waiting Child and my heart is undone.”

And that was the beginning of the end of life as I knew it before.

Since then, God has been consistently inviting me to enter ever more deeply into his heart for the orphan – over 143 MILLION worldwide!

My eyes were being opened and I knew that I never wanted to allow myself to close them again.

And so I started writing…


Today, I invite you to follow along as this blog begins.  It is a written testimony to the song God is singing, as much for myself as anyone else.  I want a place to record, to ponder, and to reassure myself when the chorus seems to fall silent that God indeed has spoken and continues to speak.  I need some accountability when I might long to rationalize a way back to the familiarity of my comfort zone.

Here it is in black and white.

There is no going back…

(-taken from my first post, Do-Re-Mi, written July 3rd)


It’s just as true today as it was then, except now I’m taking one more baby step towards the children God is calling me to love as my own through adoption by actually telling people about it (other than my closest family members and confidants).

I have only actually written a few posts about our adoption journey to date but rest assured that there will be many more to come.

This is happening.

Not in my timing to be sure but unfolding steadily and surely in God’s perfect will.

I heard someone say once that adoption is more of a marathon than a sprint.  I think I am beginning to understand what they were talking about and we are just warming up.  Heck, let’s be honest, I’m still lacing up my shoes and you can ask anyone on my high school track team, I’ve never been much of a runner.

I can still hear our coach coming up up behind me shouting, “Come on Robezzoli, get those little legs going!!!”  This is the same guy who thought it was a great idea to have my 4’10″ self run hurdles.  Even crazier, I let him convince me to go along with such madness.  I still remember my friend’s mom in the stands asking when they were going to to lower the hurdles for me.  Haha!  Wouldn’t that have been nice.  I had to be the slowest person on the team by far BUT I didn’t quit.

You see, once I set my mind on something, that’s pretty much it.

If it were up to me, I would have been on a plane to China months ago.  Obviously, that is not the way these things work.  Much preparation needs to be done before we arrive at that day.

You know what?  I am up for the challenge.

This is me putting my game face on.

Even if I am tempted to crawl under the hurdles that lie ahead rather than propel myself over them

and if it takes these little legs of mine a bit longer to cross the finish line than I would like,

the lesson I learned from track is this:

as long as I keep putting one foot in front of the other, I will get there.  It really is as simple as that.

That was just when there was a varsity letter at stake!  These are my babies we are talking about now.  They are so much more than worth it.

I’m ready to run.



3 Responses to “Ready to Run”

  1. I read your post on wearegraftedin.com and loved it. I am a mother of two adopted boys. One from Nepal and one from China, both special needs. They are an amazing joy in my life and will continue to amaze and me and baffle me all the time. I will be praying for you as you set off on this journey and pray if comes to fruition sooner than later.


    • Alison says:

      welcome laurie :) It is so nice to meet you. I’m sure both of your boys are an amazing gift to your family. I am totally with you on the ‘sooner rather than later’ intention. Thank you so much for joining your prayers with ours as we say ‘yes’ whatever God has in store. It’s sure to be better than anything we could have imagined for ourselves.

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