Let Us Begin

Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today.

Teresa Fiata Oertle

Prayers of the Faithful:

Our response is, May it be done according to Your word.

That the eyes of the world will be opened to recognize and value the precious gift of every human life from the moment of conception until natural death, that we may persevere in building a culture of life.

We pray to the Lord.   May it be done according to Your word.

For the souls of all those who have died before birth, especially Teresa Fiata, Joseph Paul, Veronica Marie, and Kolbe Michael.  That through their pure and holy intercession, we might be sanctified to one day join them in paradise.

We pray to the Lord.   May it be done according to Your word.

For the souls of all who have died especially Teresa Fiata’s great grandparents, Spencer and Elizabeth Cason, Amy Robezzoli, Jack and Betty Oertle, and that the holy souls in purgatory might be carried in Mary’s arms to the throne of her Son, Jesus.

We pray to the Lord.   May it be done according to Your word.

That we might seek the face of God in His distressing disguise and recognize Him with joy in everything, everyone, everywhere, all the time, and see his hand in every happening.

We pray to the Lord.  May it be done according to Your word.

For a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon us all, upon our country, and upon the Catholic Church through the intercession of Blessed Mother Teresa and Mother Mary.  May we model her fiat in our lives that God’s will might be done on earth as it is in heaven.

We pray to the Lord.   May it be done according to Your word.





Words to start a year by…

On the first of every month, our Lord gives Anne a new message about His call to service.

Time and time again, the words offered speak directly to my heart and the place I find myself on a given day….

I have been blessed abundantly by the work God is doing through her, the exhortation and encouragement to holiness given.

Today was certainly no exception.

I can feel myself breathing in heavenly consolation offered,

claiming the light of Christ in the midst of darkness,

and choose today to “make the decision to accept heaven’s peace”,

looking forward to greater holiness in 2012.

January 1, 2012


May the peace of heaven continually surround each of my beloved apostles. My friends, there are times when the peace of heaven must pursue you, because, despite its best efforts, you elude peace. My peace then follows you, waiting for you to pause long enough to accept it. When you bring yourself into My presence, then My peace can absorb you and saturate you so that where you go, it can follow. If you are alert to Me, you will see that others are blessed by Me through you. Dear apostles, please accept that this is happening and be reverent about what I am seeking to do. Are you with Me in this effort of renewal? Do you seriously consider that I am determined to bring light to others through you? If you will accept this more fully, I can work more freely. If you move too quickly through your days, convinced that you are not achieving as many actions and tasks as you would like, then you may be missing what is obvious to heaven, that is, that you are surrounded by grace and protected by light. When you rest into this reality, you will see how effectively I am serving the world through you. Truly, I am loving people and comforting them through your soul because each day, Heaven moves into the world through the souls of those who are willing to serve. Allow Me please, to continue, and allow Me please, to sustain you personally. It is not My plan that you become dispirited and hopeless. It is My plan that if you suffer, you suffer peacefully, confident about My presence in your cross. I want you to work calmly, confident of My effectiveness in your work. You must be brave enough to love completely, confident of the benefit the world feels because of your decision to serve Me in whatever place you have found yourself on each day. Rejoice, dear apostles. Look forward with Me to greater holiness. I will protect My plan for you, but you must make a decision to accept heaven’s peace.


(You can learn more about Anne the Lay Apostle over at Direction For Our Times).

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When it snows

When it snows …

in Arizona it means that our neighborhood brought ten tons of it to the park for the kids to play in.

I love the look of anticipation on both of their faces just waiting to get a glimpse of it.

Did somebody say something about SNOW?!?!

ain’t it thrilin’…

It was pure delight for this guy to play in the snow for the first time ever.

He had been anticipating it and telling me all about it for days,

how he was going to teach me to make a snow angel.

and that is the very first thing that he did.

though your nose gets a chillin’  

This little man wasn’t too sure about it at first - cold, wet and unfamiliar.

but warmed up to the idea after a bit…

especially when he realized he could eat it.  (that is my Gabriel)


ahhhh, don’t you just want to sqeeze those cheeks!  I can’t even stand how precious they are.


not so sure that it tasted too great though.

we’ll frolick and play

Snow ball fight! (with dear friends – Gianna and Gus)

This is the wind up that almost did our camera in…

Sheer joy on the face of this sweet girl


the eskimo way (with cousins – Norah & Stella)

walking in a winter wonderland!

and raising the roof for the annual boat parade with hot chocolate and marshmallows

with some of our favorite people

I love Christmas.


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